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Surge Pricing is Coming to the Electrolytic Capacitors in 2018 ! - News

Surge Pricing is Coming to the Electrolytic Capacitors in 2018 !

2148 Published by at March 20,2018

  Since the beginning of this year, the domestic environmental protection and control have been strengthened. Taiwan media reports that the aluminum foil, the upstream meterials of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, has been strictly  controlled by the government and some of the small manufacturers have been eliminated, resulting in the shortage of aluminum foil. As a result, the Japanese electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have extended their lead times...

  The electrode foils processed by electronic aluminum foil are the key raw materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, accounting for 30% -70% of the production cost. The suppliers come mainly from Japan and mainland China, and  the mainland of China is an important production area of ​​aluminum foils, accounting for about 70-80% of the total output.In recent years, the rapid demand of new energy vehicles and smartphones also promote the development of aluminum capacitor market, driving the demand for electrode foil.

  Due to the high consumption of electric erosion foil and forming foil, the electrode foil production discharge of acid wastewater and irritant gas. the government will strictly control the wastewater. As a result of environmental pressure, part of the capacity will be discontinued and the small-size foil factory will be eliminated. Reported that Xinjiang clean up the illegal factory this year, not only the construction of the factory stopped, the completed factory immediately shut down, so that the original over stock of aluminum foil turn into out of stock.

  Environmental protection help reorganize the industrial restructuring, but also limit the capacity release of aluminum foil. Japanese manufacturers, due to the good profit of car electrolytic container, the Japanese aluminum foil material transfer using on automotive capacitors, the situation appear that they will not sell aluminum foil material .

  Japanese electrolytic capacitors and aluminum foil manufacturers sales strategy changes, release of consumer electronics capacitors and materials markets to non-Japanese manufacturers, and Japan's air conditioners, appliances, washing machines and other household appliances required aluminum electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil large amount of material, manufacturers begin to purchase aluminum foil products from Chinese mainland, which also caused the aluminum foil products in Mainland China began to fall short of demand after June this year. 

  From the demand side, due to the demand for aluminum capacitors driven by automotive electronics, part of the Japanese factory exit some specifications, three major Japanese electrolytic capacitors plant Caramel, Nichicon, Rubycon production capacity has been full, some orders spilled to Taiwan, especially automotive electronics, has risen sharply in using capacitors. Motherboards, servers and VGA cards of mining machines, contributing to the consumption of aluminum foil.

  At present, electrolytic capacitors manufacturers believes that, high and low voltage aluminum foil may be in short supply in 2018 , no one can guarantee that they can get a full source of it. 
  From the price, the industry said aluminum material accounts for about 50% of the overall cost of aluminum foil, aluminum raw material prices from 1,800 US dollars per tonne this year, has risen to 2,200 US dollars, aluminum foil material rose about 8% to 10 % on October to November this year, Whether the aluminum foil prices will rise or not, need to observe the supply market conditions and environmental costs.

  The shortage of aluminum foil material, leading to downstream aluminum capacitors and other passive components price float. the Japanese capacitor manufacturers delivery time has been extended from the original 6 weeks to 12 weeks, some even reach to six months.

  Japanese electrolytic capacitors extended product delivery, affecting OEM manufacturers product delivery schedule, non-Japanese aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers demand is also relatively bullish, this will provide more business opportunities.

  Regard as the price, Japanese electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have increase the price, some industry experts expected that the aluminum electrolytic capacitor Taiwan factory price may increase in the future.

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Surge Pricing is Coming to the Electrolytic Capacitors in 2018 !

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