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Super Capacitor Highlights Features

Published by YTF 2023-11-23

Super Capacitor Highlights Features


(1) The charging speed is fast, and charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;

(2) The ring has a long service life, and the number of cycles of deep charge and discharge can reach 1 to 500,000 times without "memory effect";

(3) The high-current discharge capacity is super strong, the energy conversion efficiency is high, the process loss is small, and the high-current energy cycle efficiency is ≥90%;

(4) High power density, which can reach 300W / KG ~ 5000W / KG, which is equivalent to 5 ~ 10 times of the battery;

(5) There is no pollution in the raw material composition, production, use, storage and disassembly of the product, which is an ideal green power source;

(6) The charging and discharging circuit is simple, there is no need for a charging circuit like a rechargeable battery, the safety factor is high, and maintenance-free for long-term use;

(7) Good ultra-low temperature characteristics, wide temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;

(8) Convenient detection, the remaining power can be read directly;

(9) The capacity range is usually 0.1F--1000F.

Unit introduction

Farad, abbreviated as "law", the symbol is F

1 Farad is a capacitor that stores 1 coulomb of electricity, the potential difference between the two plates is 1 volt 1F = 1C / 1V

1 coulomb is the amount of electricity transported by a 1A current within 1 s, that is, 1C = 1A · S.

1 coulomb = 1 amp · s

1 fara = 1 amps / volt

Battery (battery) 12V 14Ah discharge capacity = 14 * 3600 * 12 = 604800 Farad (F), (Note: The 12V 14Ah battery is made up of 6 2v14Ah batteries in series. In parallel, it is equal to 2v84 ampere hours, when converted to 1v is 168 ampere hours). The capacitance of the earth is only about 1-2F.



The Reason Why the Super Capacitor is Called "Super":


1,Discharge control

Control the discharge of the supercapacitor: the resistance of the supercapacitor hinders its rapid discharge. The time constant of the supercapacitor is 1 ~ 2s. It takes about 5τ to completely discharge the resistance-capacitance circuit. (Due to the special structure of the electrode, they actually have to spend hours to completely discharge the residual charge)

2,Discharge control time:

Supercapacitors can be quickly charged and discharged, and the peak current is limited only by their internal resistance, and even a short circuit is not fatal. In fact, it depends on the size of the capacitor unit. For the matched load, the small unit can put 10A and the large unit can put 1000A. Another limitation of the discharge rate is heat. Repeated discharge at a violent rate will increase the temperature of the capacitor and eventually lead to an open circuit.

3, selection criteria

For the selection of super capacitors, power requirements, discharge time and system voltage changes play a decisive role. The output voltage drop of the supercapacitor is composed of two parts, one part is the energy released by the supercapacitor; the other part is caused by the internal resistance of the supercapacitor. Which part of the two parts is mainly depends on  the time. In the very fast pulse, the internal resistance part is the main part. On the contrary, in the long-time discharge, the capacitive part is the main part.


The following basic parameters determine the size of the selected capacitor:

(1). The highest working voltage;

(2). Working cut-off voltage;

(3). Average discharge current;

(4). How long is the discharge time.

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